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You'll find Skåne where Scandinavia meets Continental Europe; where hightech meets academia; where vibrant city meets lush countryside; where Sweden meets the world.  Skåne is the best of all worlds, the optimum location for your business, your investment, your ideas – and your life.

The strategic choice

for business

Skåne is the optimum location for doing business in the Nordics. It not only ticks the box for a central location in Scandinavia, but also for great connections between Denmark and Europe; with a highly educated workforce where the majority of people speak fluent English.

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What makes Skåne unique

Learn what people who live, work & do business here say about the region.
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"As a researcher, there is hardly any place better than Skåne. You have the prestigious Lund University and you have the best large-scale infrastructure facilities such as MAX IV & ESS."

Swati Aggarwal

Researcher, MAX IV Laboratory
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"There are 1,600 people working with games in the southern part of Sweden which is more than Denmark, Norway and Iceland combined!"

Alf Condelius

Studio Operations Director, Massive Entertainment – a Ubisoft Studio
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"Skåne is unique. And it is full of internationals. The organisations I work with are open to collaborating and working together and there are no closed doors."

Alma Sandberg

COO, Mobile Heights
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"Sweden has a lot to offer in terms of sustainability and regenerative ideas which makes it the best place to be if you are a student!"

Eric Deoul Raj

Sustainability postgraduate, Malmö University
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"Malmö works as a catalyst for building business relationships. It is small enough to get a foot-print but it is also big enough to grow"

Tomas de Souza

CEO, Ablemind
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"By moving down here you have access to CEOs, technology and also production. It's wonderful to be in Skåne."

Christopher Robertson

Commercial and R&D Director, Co-founder of Sproud
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"Here at our biggest office in Southern Sweden, we have more than 3,000 co-workers from 50 different nationalities, which makes this place truly diverse, vibrant, and exciting."

Zhuang Zuo

Engagemant Leader in Strategy, Development & Innovation, Ingka Group, IKEA

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Skåne is a multifaceted place with six key ingredients that make it an open, welcoming and attractive place to grow your career, your life and your business. What qualities or combination of factors do you like about the southernmost part of Sweden?

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Our biggest cities

Malmö skyline


The capital of Skåne is a vibrant city with pioneering companies and innovative start-ups and people from all over the world. Malmö is also known for its edgy, creative vibe.

Helsingborg city


As Sweden’s busiest ferry port, its 2nd largest container port and a leading port in North Europe, the city of Helsingborg is a critical logistics hub in Scandinavia.

An old cathedral


This is where 1,000 years of history co-exists with modern buildings, advanced research facilities and pioneering ideas. Lund has a reputation as a science and innovation hub.

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Not only does Kristianstad have the best farmlands in the region, it also has a strong food industry, extensive forests and lakes and is home to world-famous Absolut Vodka.

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With train tracks in five directions Hässleholm is a strategic connection hub in southern Sweden that is close to nature while still having direct access to bigger cities.

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Built around a natural port, Landskrona has a strong focus on industry and a labour market geared towards industrial production and services.

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Home to the Port of Trelleborg - Scandinavia’s largest Roll-on/Roll-off port and Sweden’s only port with railway ferries, Trelleborg is a gateway to Europe.