About Skåne



If you've ever shopped at IKEA, used Bluetooth or heard of ABBA and Zlatan Ibrahimovic then you are basically already a Swede. Learn more about what makes Sweden awesome.

Womand and boy bikes on a gravel road during summer time.


work-life balance

Spending quality time outside the office and together with loved ones is important to Swedes. This is made easier by well-functioning public services and opportunities for living a good life. It’s a fact, according to the Global Passport Index 2023, no-one does quality of life better than Sweden, who is ranked No.1.

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Excellent social benefits

Sweden has some of the world’s best social benefits with subsidised healthcare, great parental leave, kindergartens, and schools. From kindergarten level, there is 16 months of paid family leave that can be split between the couple after a new child is born. Employees also get a minimum of 5 weeks paid annual vacation regardless of age or type of work.

Strong, diverse economy

Sweden has a diverse, technologically advanced, and highly competitive economy. In the the IMD World Competitive Rankings 2022 of 68 world economies, Sweden came 4th, after Denmark, Switzerland and Singapore. According to the World Bank, a key feature of the Swedish economy is its openness and liberal approach to trade and doing business.

Public freedom & low corruption

In Sweden, individuals have a good level of freedom in terms of civil liberty, political rights and social equality. Sweden is also one of the world’s least corrupt countries with a high level of trust among citizens and a low tolerance for corruption within the public service sector.

We speak fantastic English

According to the English proficiency index, Sweden is ranked 7th in the world when it comes to English skills. Almost everyone speaks or understands English, and many global companies that are based here use English as their main language.

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Two colleagues talking to each other at a library

R&D is our jam

Sweden really values research & development; investing more that 3% of our GDP in R&D. This is probably why Sweden – and the Skåne region, has been so good at developing things the world cannot do without, like Bluetooth, asthma inhaler, the medical ultrasound, or even nicotine gum!

Top education system

Sweden has some of the best universities in the world and a high level of education among its citizens. Did you know that Sweden introduced compulsory schooling already in 1842? Today 1/3 of population has post-secondary school education.

A focus on sustainability

In Sweden, sustainability is very important. Batteries, zero-emission steel, industry, and residential and business districts powered by green energy, electric vehicle charging system, alternative proteins and products made of recycled material are just some of the initiatives geared towards a more sustainable future.

We are very digital

In the 1990s the Swedish government pushed out a widely developed broadband network. And Swedes got a head start as a digital nation. In 2016 a new goal was set to get all of Sweden connected to high-speed internet by 2025.