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Skåne in brief

Skåne's superpowers are our people, our mindset and our collaborative, entrepreneurial spirit. We think outside the box. That’s why our region is home to inventions like connections without wires (Bluetooth) or a helmet that does not ruin your hairdo (invisible cycling helmet).

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11,303 km2


1,4 million



outdoor areas & parks

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Skåne – a smart region

Skåne is home to some of the most highly-educated people in all of Sweden. We have numerous knowledge intensive global companies located in our region, along with leading universities, advanced research facilities, and strong life science and tech industries – which attract highly-skilled, highly-educated people from around the world.

Skåne is where some of the brightest minds in the world come together to find solutions for global societal challenges.

  • Number of jobs: 6,793 currently
  • University students: 86,250
  • PhD students: 3,066
  • Universities and colleges: 5
  • New companies started: 11,224 (2021)
  • Entrepreneurs: 60,470
  • Foreign-owned companies: 2,500
2023 Nobel Prize in Physics

Lund is home

to illustrious prize

In 2023, Lund University professor of atom physics, Anne L'Huillier, became the university's first Nobel Prize laureate. She received this award for her 1987 discovery that many different overtones of light arose when she passed infrared laser light though a noble gas. Anne L'Huillier is also part of NanoLund, a leading Swedish research environment at Lund University.

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Ranking high

for innovation

The 2023 ‘Regional Innovation Scoreboard’ ranked Skåne overall as the 14th most innovative region in the EU. Skåne is then ranked as the #2 region in EU when it comes to ‘PCT patent applications per billion regional GDP’. The indicator measures the number of patents applied for at the European Patent Office (EPO), by year of filing.

Our culture of innovation
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Our biggest cities

Skåne is home to some of the most vibrant, innovative and sustainable cities in Europe. Here, everything is close and almost everywhere is accessible by bicycle.
Malmö skyline


Sweden’s third largest city punches way above its weight. An industrial stronghold transformed into a cosmopolitan, entrepreneurial hub, Malmö is overflowing with pioneering companies and innovative start-ups, and has a distinctive edgy, creative vibe.

Helsingborg city


One of Sweden’s fastest growing coastal cities, Helsingborg is also its busiest ferry ports and our closest point to Denmark. This expanding city is also a growing business location where you can stroll on the beach and get sand between your toes during your lunch break.

An old cathedral


It is not every day that you encounter a medieval city where 1,000 years of history co-exists with modern buildings, innovative environments and pioneering ideas. Lund has a long-standing reputation as a centre of science and innovation with strong research-based global industries.

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This Skåne city has a strong food industry and acres of agricultural land which is why it is said that every day, a Swede eats something produced in Kristianstad! Apart from a competitive university, a food-focused science park & incubator, Kristianstad also as well as an airport, great rail connections and a key bulk cargo port in Southern Sweden.

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With train tracks in five directions Hässleholm is an important connection hub in southern Sweden. It is a strategic location for anyone wishing to be close to nature while still having direct access to bigger cities. You will find that this Skåne town offers forests, lakes, wide meadows and plenty of hiking trails all within close proximity.

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Located on the shores of the Öresund, Landskrona is a city formed around a natural port which explains its history as a military and commercial trading outpost. Being situated in the middle of the Öresund means Landskrona is close to other key cities in the southernmost part of Skåne.

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This port town is Sweden’s southernmost city. It has had a history as an important trading post since medieval times and today, continues to be a valuable port and logistics centre. Trelleborg is a gateway to the continent with strategic shipping and ferry connections with Germany, Poland, and the Baltics.

Skåne around the world

There are pieces of Skåne all around the world – from Rio to Sydney. Limestone from Malmö is blended into the concrete of Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Jesus statue; diabase rock from The Black Mountains in Northeast Skåne is to be found at Ground Zero in New York, and self-cleaning tiles from Höganäs in northwest Skåne are used on the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Opera House

A sustainable life

Sustainability is also our way of life - we work to promote renewable energies, sustainable transport, sustainable food production, and a circular bioeconomy to ensure that people, communities, business and nature can thrive for generations. Our efforts include building excellent bicycle lanes for planet-conscious travel; making it easy to recycle waste, or encouraging everyone in the region to make smarter choices. We try to care for our health, spend time with loved ones and in nature. Often all at the same time!

6 reasons to choose Skåne
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