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Our dynamic, knowledge-intensive region is a strategic location that acts as a gateway to Europe, with great connections and advantageous closeness to neighbouring European countries and international markets.

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Skåne is a strategic choice for business with a well-developed transport system that includes rail, ferry and shipping connections – and an excellent cycling infrastructure for getting around on two wheels. Malmö, our biggest city, is 13 minutes from Scandinavia's largest airport – just across the Öresund Bridge which links Sweden and Denmark.

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Benefits of doing business in Sweden

Sweden has a diverse, technologically-advanced, and highly competitive economy with  low corruption. It also offers some of the world’s best social benefits with subsidised healthcare, great parental leave, kindergartens, and schools. And, we speak excellent English.

Cities without limits

Skåne is home to some of the most vibrant, innovative and sustainable cities in Europe. Here, everything is close and almost everywhere – from urban areas and rolling countryside to historical landmarks, is accessible by bicycle. The region is known for its economic activity and there are several cities that serve as growth engines for Skåne.

Skåne is a

talent magnet

If you're looking for a strategic location that is also an appealing place to live, and ideal for growing companies, careers and families, Skåne is the place for you. It is a diverse melting pot of highly skilled and highly educated people from all over the world. Skåne is where some of the greatest minds come together to find solutions for some of the world's biggest challenges.

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