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Skåne is a strategic location. Not only is it a logistics hub with great connections to Europe via the Öresund Bridge, rail, ferry and shipping networks, but it is also an innovation hub, with a lively ecosystem, a culture of co-operation and a highly-educated workforce.

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Strategic geographic


Skåne's unique geography makes it a key point of connection between Denmark and Sweden via the Öresund Bridge. This allows access to 4.4 million people in the Greater Copenhagen region, equating to a market of over 4m people and ​Scandinavia’s largest recruitment base of high-skilled talent. Skåne also offers two international airports, seven international harbours and extensive major road & rail infrastructure.

A graphical map of Skåne showing the biggest cities, harbours, trainstations and air ports as icons.

An innovation leader

According to the EU Innovation scoreboard, the Skåne region consistently ranks as an innovation leader in Europe. We have an innovation ecosystem that that has been producing innovations that have changed the world since 1944.

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Ideon Science Park

Ideon has 35+ years of history of supporting growing companies. Today the park is home to over 400 companies.

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Innovation Skåne

Guides and develops new opportunities for innovation and growth that improve Skåne as well as the world.

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Krinova Science Park & Incubator

A catalyst for development and innovation in society. Sweden's first and largest incubator & science park with food focus.

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Lund University Innovation

LU Innovation is a hub for innovation and commercialisation and the Tech Transfer Office at Lund University.

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Medeon Science Park & Incubator

Science park for companies within the life sciences. Offers a great network, office and support in business development.

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Medicon Village

A collaboration-oriented member organisation and co-working space that integrates research, innovation and industry under one roof.

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Minc start-up house

Helps start-ups with global ambitions. Offers coaching and advice in business development, fundraising, marketing and team building.

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SmiLe Incubator

Non-profit business incubator for lifescience startups. Offering coaching programmes, well-equipped labs and a great network.