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If you want to establish a business, invest in a local startup, or expand your company in Skåne – you should connect with Invest in Skåne, our region’s official investment promotion agency. They know the Skåne business scene better than anyone and can connect you with the right people.

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Help establishing a business

Whether you’re an international entrepreneur aiming to set up a new venture, or a global corporation looking to expand into the region, Invest in Skåne can provide step-by-step support to establish your business here.

Services include: Support with company registration; access to local firms that can help with employment law, regulations, taxes, etc.; research and analysis on relevant opportunities and incentives; and more.

Site selection assistance

If your business operations require offices, warehousing, retail space, or any other type of commercial location in the southernmost part of Sweden, Invest in Skåne can help you find the ideal facilities for your needs.

Services include: Vetting and presenting potential sites with detailed data; coordinating tours for visiting executives; connecting with stakeholders in municipalities, real-estate companies, etc.; and more.

Skåne has an open business culture

"Skåne is unique. And it is full of internationals. The organisations I work with are open to collaborating and working together and there are no closed doors."
— Alma Sandberg, COO, Mobile Heights tech cluster

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Market & industry breakdowns

Whether you’re establishing a sales office or looking for a strategic partnership, Invest in Skåne can give you the latest information and analysis on the area’s commercial markets and industries you need for success.

Services include: Custom reporting with data on market size, operating costs, legal framework, etc.; benchmarking analysis comparing Sweden to other European countries; identifying new opportunities; and more.

Support for market expansion

For any global company or international investor already established in the southernmost part of Sweden, Invest in Skåne can offer tailored assistance that’ll help your business grow and further expand in the region.

Services include: Reporting on relevant industry trends and opportunities; helping find new sites and talent; connecting with stakeholders and decision-makers on local, regional, and national levels; and more.

Innovation & talent scouting

Looking for innovative ideas or businesses to invest in? Need to find exceptional talent for a venture? Invest in Skåne can help you connect with some of the most promising unicorns and skilled expertise in Sweden.

Services include: Vetting Skåne startups with unique, scalable, or advanced tech; helping navigate regional talent searches; access to stakeholders in communities like science parks, incubators, etc.; and more.


Invest in Skåne

Ready to further explore how Invest in Skåne can assist you, including who to contact about getting started? You can get what you need at Invest in Skåne’s website, which includes webpages for the agency’s business services.

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