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major industries

Skåne has a diverse economy which includes five key industries: Advanced materials & manufacturing, Food, Lifescience, Smart sustainable cities and Tech.

Woman taking samples of a green plant in a laboratory
Key industry

Advanced materials & manufacturing

A growing material science hub, the Skåne region is where some of the world’s smartest minds are developing ground-breaking solutions for a safe, healthy, efficient, and more sustainable future.

Man working in a machine room

World-class research

This is where you will find a knowledge-intensive innovation ecosystem known for its unique collaboration between academia, industry and the public sector during development, research and testing of materials for science and technology. Skåne is also home to two advanced research facilities offering world-class imaging techniques and instruments, as well as Lund University’s NanoLund, renowned for its work in nano technology.

Skåne’s strongholds in this area:

  • Cleantech
  • Circular & bioeconomy
  • Nano technology
  • Semiconductors
  • Materials for tech
Key industry


The southernmost part of Sweden is nicknamed “the breadbasket of Sweden”. This is because 30% of all the food eaten in Sweden is grown, processed, and packaged here. Food products are our most exported goods!

Small plants in a plastic container

Sustainable food innovations

Skåne is known for its food innovation with a flourishing food technology and research scene that covers the entire food value chain. The region is bursting with food-related startups and researchers (as well as established companies) developing novel food solutions in response to global challenges. You will find food solutions like non-animal proteins from fungi, insects and hemp, edible food packaging, or upcycling of waste into new products. 

Skåne’s strongholds in this area:

  • Beverages
  • Circular bioeconomy
  • Functional foods
  • Packaging solutions 
Key industry

Life science

Skåne has a vibrant life science industry. In fact, innovations like the artificial kidney, the medical ultrasound, the modern ventilator and nicotine replacement gum have been developed here.

Two female researchers in a laboratory

Leading life science cluster

The region is also part of world-reknowned Medicon Valley – the leading Nordic lifescience cluster that extends from Skåne to Eastern Denmark. Medicon Valley is home to groundbreaking research, a vast talent pool, top-ranked universities and world-class research infrastructure. It is also known for its unique collaboration approach where academia, industry and government organisations work together to create business opportunities and reduce time to market.

Skåne’s strongholds in this area:

  • Medtech
  • Healthtech
  • Biotech
  • Pharma
Key industry

Smart sustainable cities

Cities in Skåne are on a journey to become the kind of urban places we need in the future - with smart solutions for mobility, energy, recycling or the flow of goods, services and resources.

Woman and child playing with water installation

Urban areas with smart solutions

How can innovative thinking, digitalisation, and environmental and climate technologies come together to create opportunities for meeting global society’s challenges in an efficient and sustainable way? This is something that cities in Skåne are trying to address.

Skåne’s strongholds in this area:

  • Cleantech
  • Energy
  • Mobility
Key industry


Skåne’s tech sector has a long history of pioneering innovation and technology. Candy Crush, facial recognition technology, Bluetooth, 5G and a modem for connected gadgets were all invented here.

3D render on monitor in a gaming studio

Innovative tech community

Our region is bursting with highly-skilled people and a tech community with advanced tech expertise, from cyber security and machine learning to software development, sensors, and wireless systems. Many major tech companies have a foothold in Skåne and there are a number of tech clusters like Mobile Heights, Smarter Mobility and Media Evolution. We also have strong innovation ecosystem and a vibrant start-up arena for newer and smaller enterprises, aided by public and private funding.  Plus, our regional capital, Malmö, is thriving games hub with 1,600 people working in the games sector in the region.

Skåne’s strongholds in this area:

  • Mobility
  • Connectivity
  • Games