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Life in Sweden’s southernmost region has a lot of appeal. There’s something for everyone in Skåne. But it’s how everything combines and balances together that draws people here from all over the world.

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Discover your sweet spot

Skåne is where contrasting elements merge into unique strengths. This is where rural Scandinavia meets urban Europe, and it’s a melting pot for citizens of the world. Our unique part of Sweden is where newcomers and locals  come together to form an open, innovative, and ambitious region that’s far greater than the sum of its parts. You’ll find all the famous aspects of Swedish society: a high quality of life, subsidised healthcare and education, a strong economy, and more.

We’re also right across the bridge from Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. It’s a vital link to continental Europe and has the largest airport in Scandinavia, which helps connect us to everywhere else on the planet. The convergence of these factors and others is why Skåne is an awesome place to live and why it’s Sweden’s sweet spot.

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Lush natural settings

There’s a variety of stunning nature to experience throughout our region. With 573 kilometres of beautiful coastline, serene lakes, and dense forests, anyone can find an outdoor adventure in Skåne that’s perfect for them (even if it’s just a relaxing walk in the woods). The Swedish doctrine of Allemansrätten (Right to Public Access) also allows everyone to freely explore nature no matter who owns the land. What’s more, we’re known for having milder climate and weather than most of Scandinavia, with reasonably comfortable temperatures all year round.

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Vibrant cityscapes

More than 90% of us in in the region live in towns and urban areas. You’ll find our cities lively and dynamic, with plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment. There are also lots of pedestrian-friendly streets, bike lanes, and green spaces – like public gardens and skate parks. Our capital city of Malmö is famous for its young, creative, international vibe, while nearby Lund is home to over 1,000 years of history and the prestigious Lund University, while the coastal city Helsingborg is where a sense of history mixes with modern metropolitan charm.

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All close by & easy to get to

No matter where you are in Skåne or what you want to do, everything is nearby and convenient to get to. Our infrastructure allows you to quickly and effortlessly get around the region via public transport, cycling, and on foot. Not that you can’t drive if you want to – our roads balance the needs of cars with pedestrians, buses, and cyclists. The feeling of proximity and convenience goes even further with our connection to Copenhagen, which makes it easier to travel to the rest of Europe, or anywhere else in the world.

A thriving

global community

We like to say, “In Skåne, the rest of the world is not that far away". Our unique geographic position allows us to forge and maintain all kinds of international connections. A growing number of us are also immigrants and expats. So, we’re a region bursting with diverse cultures, tastes and backgrounds. As of 2021, 23% of people living in Skåne were born outside of Sweden, with Malmo being home to people from 186 different countries. How multicultural is that?

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A family-friendly

place to live

There are many advantages to raising a family in Skåne. Parents and children are entitled to the same social benefits as other regions in Sweden, although we think we have slightly better playgrounds!

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Schools in Skåne

In Sweden, everyone has the right to a free education. Every child above the age of 6 must attend school, with free options for primary and upper secondary education. Swedish citizens and permanent residents, as well as EU citizens, can also attend university for free. 

Families can also send their children to schools with a more international approach –such as an International Baccalaureate programme or curricula taught with another language profile (English, French, Spanish, etc.). We have several such schools here in Skåne, either managed by the municipality or private organisations. 

Many social policies are designed to support families and encourage both parents to take an active role in raising their children. There’s a generous amount of partially paid parental leave (up to 480 days per child shared between two parents).

Daycares and preschools are subsidised, with a limit on how much it can cost a family (no matter the number of kids). Plus, families can rely on specific assistance for parents to help balance work and family, like qualifying for paid time off when caring for a sick child.

Does living here

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Our friends at Move to Gothenburg and the Swedish Institute have put together a handy calculator to help estimate your potential daily living costs, disposable income, and benefits for living in Sweden, depending on your profession and family situation.

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