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in Skåne

Our region has five key industries with many supporting businesses in other fields. The result is a demand for international talent in a place envied for its culture’s approach to work and employment.

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The job market in Skåne

We have a diverse range of key industries in southernmost Sweden: Advanced materials & manufacturing, Lifescience, Tech, Smart sustainable cities, and Food. Some have a long history here; others are growing quickly. But they all create (either directly or indirectly) many job opportunities for highly-skilled people. We are also home to state-of-the-art research facilities, multiple science parks, and incubators, which fuel cutting-edge R&D in our key industries, and other fields. It’s one of the major reasons so many employers in the area are innovative companies and thriving start-ups. So whether your speciality is STEM-related, business-focused, or in a supporting professional field (like financing, marketing, etc.), you can find some fantastic job opportunities in Skåne, and even more opportunities in the years to come.


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Harmony between

work & life

In Skåne, we know that there’s more to life than the 9-to-5. Like everyone else in Sweden, we enjoy a work-life balance that’s the envy of the world. Our work week is set at 40 hours with a minimum of 5 weeks paid annual vacation and generous parental leave. Most workplaces are flat, non-hierarchical organisations that are employee-focused and respect the right to a private life outside of work. So even though daycare costs are kept low by law, no one will think less of you leaving the office early to pick up your kids!

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And there's more

In addition to great work-life balance and a diverse job market, you also get...
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Minimum 5 weeks paid vacation

Vacation days (a minimum of 25 per year) are compensated at a higher rate than regular workdays in order to encourage employees to take time off. The additional payout starts at 0.43% of the employee’s usual pay per day in addition to their salary.

Collective agreements

Around 90% of workers in Sweden are part of collective agreements between their industry trade unions and employers. Such agreements cover everyone at a workplace and regulate work conditions as well as determine pay scale, overtime, holidays, pension, and more.

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Generous workplace culture

Scandinavians are big believers in non-hierarchical workplaces. Skåne is no exception, and you will find that the norm in the region are flat organisations where co-workers are encouraged to speak their mind in order to let growth and innovation drive the business forward.

Legal steps to working in Skåne

Citizens of EU/EEA countries 

You have the right to work, study, or live in Sweden and thereby, in Skåne, without needing a residence or work permit. You can move here and begin looking for work straight away, or find a job with a Skåne-based employer and then move here for work.

Citizens of non-EU/EEA countries

You will most likely need a residence or work permit. Migrationsverket (Sweden’s Migration Agency) has some exceptions depending on certain circumstances, but the main two options are:


  1. Find a job with a Skåne-based employer, receive an offer, then apply for a work permit from Migrationsverket – moving here to work after it’s been approved.
  2. Apply for a residence permit – either to join someone in Sweden OR to look for work – moving to Skåne and finding a job here after it’s been approved.

Check what specific steps you need to take here